DAT Consulting was honored to be among the five finalists for this year Fleet Europe Remarketing Award. The award focused on innovative approaches to improving visibility and profitability for Fleet Remarketing. Oxana Martevaia, Business Consultant, a key member of our innovation delivery team, presented our innovative product on the Remarketing Summit in Estoril, 5th December 2017.

The purpose of innovation is to stay relevant.

DAT Consulting brings greater visibility to remarketing with tools and processes that are adaptable to a fleet’s unique circumstances. We call our approach the Remarketing Health Check. It provides the benefits by first, identifying the unique challenges a fleet is facing and second, delivering sustainable solutions that accelerate sales and strengthen profitability.

This innovation requires visibility and ease of implementation. We built our Heath Check upon these principles.

  • The visibility is raised by bringing the voice of the remarketing professionals within the fleet organization into the solution process. Thus faster response and sustainable actions may be implemented.
  • We identify the information needed to track residual fleet value and develop a predictive process to influence residual value through in-life action. We also have solutions to identify and store each vehicle’s specifications by using one international RV Code for all markets.

The DAT Group RV Code supports Europe-wide identification and classification of vehicles, including equipment features that cannot be separated from a vehicle. Currently, this capability is unique to the DAT Group.

  • DAT Consulting provides early visibility to emerging market trends. This intelligence is essential to adapt to the changing environment.
  • We improve the access and reliability of data that support analytics, strategy deployment, and budgeting. This optimization allows for rapid, reliable analysis to support timely decisions and cost optimization.
  • Our efforts in cost optimization include a reduction in data purchasing costs, operational efficiency, and supplier optimization.
  •  Finally, we deliver solutions that eliminate or mitigate a risk before something happens.

We would be pleased to provide you with the greater explanation on how we can help build your fleet’s value.