Future Retail is no longer a dream of the future!

Together with six selected CARDESS® partners, the DAT presents a continuous customer journey for the first time at this year’s IAA.

Visit us and experience live how future sales concepts will work in practice: from online lead generation, activation of dormant potentials in the customer base of a car dealership, visitor recognition and tracking on the showroom floor as well as interaction with state-of-the-art technologies in the showroom at the vehicle, through to the integrated and automated follow-up process. Everything live on site for a first-hand experience.

In our 20-minute Customer Experience Tour, we will show you how you can use CARDESS® with DAT data and logic to map out a fully integrated journey from online to showroom. For your company, this ultimately means increased sales – and your customers will be thrilled by this very special shopping experience.

Sign up for a tour now and we will give you a day ticket for the IAA – free of charge.

We look forward to see you at the DAT Group exhibition stand.

Partners of the DAT Group

The digital transformation requires a sound data basis and a deep understanding of both dealership processes and customer expectations. DAT Consulting, part of the DAT Group, is the partner of choice here when it comes to digitizing processes, simple applications based on findings drawn from large amounts of data, studies and consulting services relating to vehicle valuation and aftersales.

Headquartered in Munich, with international offices across Europe, Asia, Morocco, and Mexico, MCON has 20+ years of experience in building and maintaining digital customer journeys for car manufacturers and auto retailers, as well as helping enterprises to move infrastructure into the cloud.

Unleashing your DMS! The Dealer Management System is still the heart of every dealer IT. The only true cloud-based, comprehensive DMS solution on the world market – Advectus, on the Oracle NETSUITE platform – enables seamless integration into the CARDESS® customer engagement portfolio as well as the entire world of suite apps

VEACT digitizes marketing processes in the automotive industry. With self-learning technology and broad automotive expertise, VEACT supports its customers in making marketing and sales processes more efficient through all available data sources. The goal is to qualitatively process this information to create individual customer profiles and recommended courses of action (predictive customer intelligence). Car dealerships and OEMs benefit from lower process costs, improved customer loyalty and the resulting revenue increases.

CitNOW’s video solution creates a more transparent and easier car buying and owning experience for customers. As the purchase process moves even further into the online arena, retailers need to be utilising digital technology to form relationships and persuade buyers to make a visit to the showroom as well as entice customers back to their aftersales department. Our experience has taught us that personalized video is the best tool to provide a seamless omni-channel experience. Our easy to use, app-based solution provides personalised video services designed specifically for the sales and aftersales environments, proven to increase appointment show rates and work sold. With over 80,000 users over 55 countries and available in 25 languages CitNOW can transform the way your network communicates with customers and increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Being part of Dassault Systemes, 3DEXCITE is a leading technology, solutions and services provider for industrialized, digital product experiences in marketing, sales and retail – it’s all about “Engineered Excitement”. Thanks to a new level of digital continuity and collaboration along with a high degree of automation and capitalization of know-how, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is revolutionizing how you engage with customers. We deliver efficiency in “time-to-market” as well as effectiveness in “conversion” and “customer lifetime value”.

Customer journeys are evolving. Amazon is often used as the benchmark for the customer journeys in a digitalized future. Even though eCommerce is snowballing in the automotive industry, we believe that emotions are at the core of the automotive trade. Hence, OEMs are massively investing in new digitalized sales and service processes integrated with customer experience enhancements. Even in a digital world we believe that human interactions will continue to play a vital role in future customer journeys, and improvements in systems and interfaces need to align themselves with processes for human to human interactions. As a trusted project management, implementation, and business process outsourcing partner to most global automotive brands, MSX International is perfectly positioned to play a vital role in integrating systems and processes. Additionally, MSXI is investing in a digital solution that facilitates customer engagement in both eCommerce and human interactions.


With CARDESS® Lead Management you can recognize, track and individually advise visitors in your showroom.


Direct access from CARDESS® to the vehicle stock in the DMS, test drive arrangement and offer compilation. Available in real time and on any mobile device.


VEACT enriches raw data from customers with behavioral, social and other data into a single 360° profile. On the VEACT platform the dealers can then automate customer contact journeys to engage with customers and prospects. Access to DMS invoice data then allows to measure ROI of marketing campaigns and continuous optimization


Support for the sales process based on personalised videos integrated into the digital customer journey – the customer sees the car without having to come into the showroom.


Visitors will understand the value of instant availability of computer-generated, vehicle-specific imagery in vehicle sales and experience innovative augmented-reality technology revolutionizing accessories sales at the dealership.


Due to the growing number of direct sales models of the manufacturers, the networking of central customer interaction on the OEM side with the decentralized processes at the retail level is becoming increasingly important. For example, centrally arranged service appointments need to be handled locally by the dealer. MSXI is the perfect partner for system integration and can build a bridge between retail and OEM processes.


Raphael Dammann

Managing Director

DAT Consulting GmbH