Bringing visibility to the remarketing actions

The remarketing challenge is to create sustainable advantages in a competitive and rapidly evolving market.  The barriers to this challenge come in many forms. To bring greater clarity to these issues, we cooperated with many remarketing professionals to identify their needs, which included:

  • Better visibility and information to act proactively to changing market and RV conditions.
  • The right data at the right time to enhance profit.
  • Ability to track and influence the RV of the fleet.
  • Greater visibility regarding the configuration of each vehicle in their fleet.
  • Tools to reduce fleet operating costs and waste.

DAT Consulting developed tools and processes to meet these needs and formed them into a unified approach to optimise fleet visibility and profit.  The purpose of this process is to:

  • Provide predictive fleet RV tracking with insights into how it can be influenced.
  • Capture the voice of RV professionals to accelerate customer facing actions.
  • Rapid access to reliable data needed to support decisions.
  • Cost optimisation tools that are simple, fast, and effective.

Our Remarketing Health Check delivers these advantages by identifying the most efficient manner in which to begin an optimisation effort.  It can include workshops to effect immediate improvements.  Continuous identification of fleet RV and the factors that can influence this value is also possible.  Data optimization analytics that leads to implementable solutions can be included.  Cost optimization strategies have also proven effective to reduce fleet SRM costs.

We listen to the people closest to the action and adapt our processes to provide remarketing solutions to current and future needs.  This approach is designed to fit within the corporate strategy and budget so that it is sustainable.

Our tools and analytics support remarketing strategies and create a unified approach based on quick action.  The approach is custom fit to each fleet’s needs and can include:

  • Predictive RV event tracking
  • Design for RV optimization
  • Connectivity strategies
  • E-Mobility analytics
  • TCO development
  • Customer buying experience
  • Data monetisation
  • Channel & volume analysis
  • Market activity
  • Fleet cost optimisation
  • RV tracking tool
  • In-life RV development
  • Brand/Model development
  • Refresh analysis
  • Diesel strategy
  • Data analytics
  • Market and segment analysis
  • Governmental actions

Creating a sustainable remarketing advantage to accelerate sales and grow profitability is DAT Consulting’s objective.